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About Us

Welcome to the Jerky Snob Family!

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About Us

We started Jerky Snob because we were disappointed with the quality of jerky that you find in your local grocery stores or gas stations. They all seemed to taste the same and had too many preservatives added so they could stay on the shelf for a long time. We started looking for high quality jerky and found that it was difficult to locate as well as expensive to ship if we wanted a variety from multiple companies.

How we got started

To us, jerky is a great snack in between meals, a camping and hiking necessity, or sporting event snack. We found that we were not alone in our quest to get a great snack that was high in protein and not full of preservatives. When friends noticed we were eating brands of jerky they had never heard of and after repeated requests for us to get them some too, Jerky Snob was born.

Our Mission

Our mission at Jerky Snob is to find the best quality jerky made around the country. Great jerky is made without all of the unnecessary ingredients like nitrites, nitrates, MSG, and high fructose corn syrup. We select only the highest quality jerky that is made with ingredients you will love. Having eliminated all of the searching and guesswork for you, we have made it easy for you to get a variety of delicious jerky that you can enjoy. Don’t settle for jerky that you’ll find in truck stops, gas stations and grocery stores. Come join us on our journey for delicious jerky and soon you will be a Jerky Snob too!