How Jerky Snob Works

 When you sign up with Jerky Snob, every month you will receive carefully selected premium jerky. Don't settle for mass-produced jerky that you can buy in stores.  Your family or your office will look forward to getting the delivery and getting to try new flavors.  You will become a Jerky Snob too! 

Step 1

We search for companies that use high quality ingredients.  No MSG, No HFCS, No Nitrates or Nitrites.

Step 2

Our taste testers selects jerky that meets our strict quality and taste standards.

Step 3

We package and deliver jerky to your home or office.


What you should know before ordering

1. What are the sign-up cutoff dates?

There are no cutoffs.  All new customers will have their first package shipped on the following Mon., Wed., or Fri.

2. When are Jerky Snob Packages shipped out and billed?

Our packages ship out the 22nd-24th of each month.  Billing occurs the 11th of the month. **Shipping cost is calculated after shipping address is entered in the shopping cart.**

Get ready to savor the Jerky!

We are continually searching for great jerky so you don't have to.  Let us do the hard work for you so you can enjoy a great variety of artisan jerky delivered to your home or office.  Don't delay and become a jerky snob today!